Cell Tower Detail: OneNZ - Dhl Wellington ONZ W6ZFD

OneNZ - Dhl Wellington ONZ W6ZFD aerial image

Location Overview

The OneNZ Dhl Wellington ONZ W6ZFD location is 4m high, has 1 licence associated, and is capable* of 2G GSM and 4G LTE.

Closest Towers

ProviderLocation NameDistanceBearing
OneNZWellington Air Terminal (VF W6WTR)585m352.04
2DegreesWellington Airport617m29.54
RCGRWLBHE - Baring Head / Catchpool8.83km109.18

Licence Details

Band 1800MHz
1855MHz - 1880MHz
Start Date

Mon 18th Dec 2023

2 months ago

End Date

Sun 31st Mar 2041

17 years from now

RSM Licence ID414805
RSM Licence #410775

Close Cell IDs OneNZ MMC: 530 MNC: 1

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