Cell Tower Detail: RCG - RWCPLF - Pleasant Flat

RCG - RWCPLF - Pleasant Flat aerial image

Location Overview

The RCG RWCPLF - Pleasant Flat location is 9m high, has 1 licence associated, and is capable* of 4G LTE.

Closest Towers

ProviderLocation NameDistanceBearing
SparkHaast Rcg30.88km298.03
OneNZRoaring Billy VF S1ZBS11.14km315.97
2DegreesRwchap - Haast Pass17.57km286.74
RCGRWCHRE - Haast River East4.96km20.21

Licence Details

Band 1800MHz
1835MHz - 1855MHz
Start Date

Tue 30th Apr 2024

1 month ago

End Date

Sun 31st Mar 2041

16 years from now

RSM Licence ID417252
RSM Licence #413032