Cell Tower Detail: OneNZ - Willesden Farm 3 VF S3ZBQ

OneNZ - Willesden Farm 3 VF S3ZBQ aerial image

Location Overview

The OneNZ Willesden Farm 3 VF S3ZBQ location is 4m high, has 1 licence associated, and is capable* of 2G GSM and 4G LTE.

Closest Towers

ProviderLocation NameDistanceBearing
OneNZWillesden Farm 2 VF S3ZBP864m100.29
2DegreesRctbdf - Birdlings Flat5.19km184.27
RCGRCTBDF - Birdlings Flat5.19km184.27

Licence Details

Band 1800MHz
1855MHz - 1880MHz
Start Date

Tue 23rd Nov 2021

2 years ago

End Date

Sun 31st Mar 2041

16 years from now

RSM Licence ID234586
RSM Licence #293486

Close Cell IDs OneNZ MMC: 530 MNC: 1

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