Point to Point Link: Radio Clutha Limited - Hedgehope

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Licence Overview

The link registered to Radio Clutha Limited is a UHF band link at 444.45MHz. It transmits from Hedgehope, and is received at Mt Stuart(Teamtalk), a distance of 81.94km.

TX Location Client Stats

Chorus New Zealand Limited2
Kordia Limited4
Maritime New Zealand2
Nzme Radio Limited2
Radio Hokonui Limited1

Licence and Location Details

Frequency Range444.3MHz - 444.6MHz
Channel Width300kHz
Channel CodeJL1F
Power dBW(eirp)23
Licence TypeFixed < 1GHz; BW >50kHz (Uni-directional)

Wed 21st May 2014

9 years ago

Licence Last Updated

Fri 7th Oct 2022

1 year ago

Link Distance81.94km
RSM Licence ID170571
RSM Licence #244418
TX: Hedgehope
AntennaHI-TEC - Y10U
EquipmentSiel - EXC 18/4S
RX: Mt Stuart(Teamtalk)
AntennaDELTEC - Y460-12
Antenna Type12 ELEMENT YAGI
EquipmentSiel - RTX 18/4S

Additional Links From TX Location

Client TX Location Band Frequency RX Location
Chorus New Zealand LimitedGoreUHF423.06MHz Hedgehope
Chorus New Zealand LimitedHedgehopeUHF428.08MHz Gore
KiwirailHedgehopeUHF420.21MHz Millane Road Gore
KiwirailHedgehopeX11.485GHz High Peak
KiwirailHigh PeakX10.955GHz Hedgehope
KiwirailMillane Road GoreUHF425.23MHz Hedgehope
Kordia Limited112 HedgehopeX11.605GHz Charlton Road Substation
Kordia LimitedCharlton Road SubstationX11.075GHz 112 Hedgehope
Kordia LimitedHedgehopeUHF427.78MHz Mt Rakeahua
Kordia LimitedMt RakeahuaUHF422.76MHz Hedgehope
Maritime New ZealandHedgehopeUHF429.08MHz Mt Rakeahua
Maritime New ZealandMt RakeahuaUHF424.06MHz Hedgehope
Nzme Radio LimitedHedgehopeUHF444.68MHz Dacre
Nzme Radio LimitedNzme Gore StudioUHF929.75MHz Hedgehope
Radio Hokonui LimitedNzme Gore StudioUHF934.75MHz Hedgehope

Additional Links From RX Location

Client TX Location Band Frequency RX Location
Vital LimitedBlue Mountains (Chorus)UHF425.98MHz Mt Stuart(Teamtalk)
Vital LimitedHinahina HillUHF426.48MHz Mt Stuart(Teamtalk)
Vital LimitedMt Stuart(Teamtalk)UHF420.96MHz Blue Mountains (Chorus)
Vital LimitedMt Stuart(Teamtalk)UHF421.46MHz Hinahina Hill