Point to Point Link: Nzme Radio Limited - 2Za Studio

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Licence Overview

The link registered to Nzme Radio Limited is a UHF band link at 809.25MHz. It transmits from 2Za Studio, and is received at Wharite, a distance of 22.94km.

TX Location Client Stats

Nzme Radio Limited3

Licence and Location Details

Frequency Range809MHz - 809.5MHz
Channel Width500kHz
Channel CodeKK7
Power dBW(eirp)16
Licence TypeFixed < 1GHz; BW >50kHz (Bi-directional)


Licence Last Updated


Link Distance22.94km
RSM Licence ID168183
RSM Licence #242438
TX: 2Za Studio
AntennaANDREW - GP6F-890
Equipment4Rf - APRISA XE 800
RX: Wharite
AntennaANDREW - P4F-9
Equipment4Rf - APRISA XE 800

Associated Licence

#1: Wharite
Frequency Range854MHz - 854.5MHz
Channel Width500kHz
Channel CodeKK7#
Power dBW(eirp)8
Licence TypeFixed < 1GHz; BW >50kHz (Bi-directional)


Licence Last Updated


RSM Licence ID168436
RSM Licence #242439

Additional Links From TX Location

Client TX Location Band Frequency RX Location
Nzme Radio Limited2Za StudioUHF410.35MHz Kairanga
Nzme Radio Limited2Za StudioUHF412.19MHz Kairanga
Nzme Radio Limited2Za StudioUHF444.45MHz Kairanga
Nzme Radio Limited2Za StudioUHF845.75MHz Wharite
Nzme Radio Limited2Za StudioUHF846.75MHz Wharite
Nzme Radio Limited2Za StudioUHF849.75MHz Massey University
Nzme Radio Limited2Za StudioUHF931.25MHz Wharite
Nzme Radio Limited2Za StudioUHF932.13MHz Wharite
Nzme Radio Limited2Za StudioUHF932.38MHz Wharite
Nzme Radio Limited2Za StudioUHF932.63MHz Wharite
Nzme Radio Limited2Za StudioUHF932.88MHz Wharite
Nzme Radio Limited2Za StudioUHF934.63MHz Setters Line
Nzme Radio LimitedPalmerston NorthUHF403.5MHz 2Za Studio
Nzme Radio LimitedWhariteUHF453.75MHz 2Za Studio

Additional Links From RX Location

Client TX Location Band Frequency RX Location
Kordia LimitedBallance SsrC7.624GHz Wharite
Kordia LimitedDannevirke Community HospitalKu13.031GHz Wharite
Kordia LimitedLinton PrisonC7.68GHz Wharite
Kordia LimitedMakomako Road Palmerston NorthC7.624GHz Wharite
Kordia LimitedMangatainokaKu14.505GHz Wharite
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Kordia LimitedWhariteC7.428GHz Ohakea Control Tower
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Kordia LimitedWhariteC7.463GHz Makomako Road Palmerston North
Kordia LimitedWhariteC7.463GHz Ballance Ssr
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Kordia LimitedWhariteX8.059GHz Palmerston North Railyard
Kordia LimitedWhariteX8.089GHz Palmerston North Railyard
Kordia LimitedWhariteX8.118GHz Palmerston North Railyard
Kordia LimitedWhariteX8.148GHz Palmerston North Railyard
Kordia LimitedWhariteX8.178GHz Palmerston North Railyard
Kordia LimitedWhariteX8.207GHz Palmerston North Railyard
Kordia LimitedWhariteX8.237GHz Palmerston North Railyard
Kordia LimitedWhariteX8.267GHz Palmerston North Railyard
Kordia LimitedWhariteKu12.765GHz Dannevirke Community Hospital
Kordia LimitedWhariteKu15.149GHz Mangatainoka
Nzme Radio Limited2Za StudioUHF931.25MHz Wharite