Point to Point Link: Discovery Nz Limited - Mt Victoria

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Licence Overview

The link registered to Discovery Nz Limited is a X band link at 8.482GHz. It transmits from Mt Victoria. No receive locations were found.

TX Location Client Stats

Kordia Limited6
Television New Zealand Limited2
Two Degrees Networks Limited2
Vital Limited3

Licence and Location Details

Frequency Range8.468GHz - 8.496GHz
Channel Width28MHz
Channel Code8GU3A#
Power dBW(eirp)31
Licence TypeFixed >=1 GHz (Uni-directional)

Wed 12th Jun 2013

10 years ago

Licence Last Updated

Sat 21st Jan 2023

1 year ago

Link Distance1.71km
RSM Licence ID163138
RSM Licence #239023
TX: Mt Victoria
AntennaANDREW - PL4-77GD
EquipmentM/A-Com Incorporated - MA-7G

Additional Links From TX Location

Client TX Location Band Frequency RX Location
Kordia Limited76 Mt VictoriaK18.388GHz Lion House (Atc)
Kordia Limited76 Mt VictoriaK22.141GHz Wellington Free Ambulance
Kordia LimitedAt & T House (Wlg-047-037-A)K19.59GHz Mt Victoria
Kordia LimitedLambton SquareK23.114GHz Mt Victoria
Kordia LimitedLion House (Atc)K19.398GHz 76 Mt Victoria
Kordia LimitedMt VictoriaK18.58GHz At & T House (Wlg-047-037-A)
Kordia LimitedMt VictoriaK21.882GHz Lambton Square
Kordia LimitedWellington Free AmbulanceK23.373GHz 76 Mt Victoria
Television New Zealand LimitedMt VictoriaK21.378GHz Prime Property
Television New Zealand LimitedPrime PropertyK22.61GHz Mt Victoria
Two Degrees Networks LimitedCow Adjacent To Sportsfield 11 Hutchison Road (Cow...K22.876GHz Lattice Tower Mount Victoria (Wlg-047-069-B)
Two Degrees Networks LimitedLattice Tower Mount Victoria (Wlg-047-069-B)K21.644GHz Cow Adjacent To Sportsfield 11 Hutchison Road (Cow...
Vital LimitedColonial KnobX10.815GHz Mt Victoria
Vital LimitedMt VictoriaX11.345GHz Colonial Knob
Vital LimitedMt VictoriaK18.113GHz Tinakori Hill
Vital LimitedTinakori HillK19.123GHz Mt Victoria