Point to Point Link: Mediaworks Radio Limited - Whakapunake

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Licence Overview

The link registered to Mediaworks Radio Limited is a UHF band link at 930.75MHz. It transmits from Whakapunake. No receive locations were found.

TX Location Client Stats

Mediaworks Radio Limited2

Licence and Location Details

Frequency Range930.5MHz - 931MHz
Channel Width500kHz
Channel CodeK2A2#
Power dBW(eirp)23
Licence TypeFixed < 1GHz; BW >50kHz (Uni-directional)

Wed 17th Jan 2007

17 years ago

Licence Last Updated

Wed 25th May 2022

1 year ago

Link Distance26.91km
RSM Licence ID105801
RSM Licence #204606
TX: Whakapunake
AntennaRFI - YB815-99
Antenna Type15 ELEMENT YAGI
EquipmentRvr - PTRLNV/HP

Additional Links From TX Location

Client TX Location Band Frequency RX Location
Mediaworks Radio LimitedMediaworks Studio GisborneUHF849.25MHz Whakapunake
Mediaworks Radio LimitedMediaworks Studio GisborneUHF850.25MHz Whakapunake
Mediaworks Radio LimitedWhakapunakeUHF933.25MHz Wairoa

Additional Links From RX Location

Client TX Location Band Frequency RX Location
Chorus New Zealand LimitedAwamateKu12.877GHz Wairoa
Chorus New Zealand LimitedWairoaKu13.143GHz Awamate
Mediaworks Radio LimitedWhakapunakeUHF933.25MHz Wairoa
Vital LimitedAwamateC7.491GHz Pukeorapa
Vital LimitedAwamateC7.807GHz Taraponui
Vital LimitedPukeorapaC7.652GHz Awamate
Vital LimitedTaraponuiX8.118GHz Awamate