Point to Point Link: Chorus New Zealand Limited - Kaikoura Reservoir

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Licence Overview

The link registered to Chorus New Zealand Limited is a UHF band link at 453.85MHz. It transmits from Kaikoura Reservoir, and is received at Te Nara, a distance of 14.01km.

TX Location Client Stats

Chorus New Zealand Limited3
Kaikoura District Council5
Vital Limited2

Licence and Location Details

Frequency Range453.838MHz - 453.863MHz
Channel Width25kHz
Channel CodeJ9B
Power dBW(eirp)11
Licence TypeFixed <1 GHz; BW <=50 kHz (Bi-directional)

Fri 21st Nov 2008

15 years ago

Licence Last Updated

Sun 26th Mar 2023

1 year ago

Link Distance14.01km
RSM Licence ID124556
RSM Licence #215667
TX: Kaikoura Reservoir
AntennaDELTEC - Y425-8
Antenna Type8 ELEMENT YAGI
EquipmentAwa - SR310
RX: Te Nara
AntennaDELTEC - Y425-8
Antenna Type8 ELEMENT YAGI
EquipmentAwa - SR310

Associated Licence

#1: Te Nara
Frequency Range458.875MHz - 458.9MHz
Channel Width25kHz
Channel CodeJ9B#
Power dBW(eirp)11
Licence TypeFixed <1 GHz; BW <=50 kHz (Bi-directional)


Licence Last Updated

Sun 26th Mar 2023

1 year ago

RSM Licence ID124570
RSM Licence #215668

Additional Links From TX Location

Client TX Location Band Frequency RX Location
Chorus New Zealand LimitedDog HillL1.461GHz Kaikoura Reservoir
Chorus New Zealand LimitedKaikoura ReservoirUHF427.98MHz Rileys Hill
Chorus New Zealand LimitedKaikoura ReservoirL1.505GHz Rileys Hill
Chorus New Zealand LimitedKaikoura ReservoirL1.521GHz Dog Hill
Chorus New Zealand LimitedRileys HillUHF422.96MHz Kaikoura Reservoir
Chorus New Zealand LimitedRileys HillL1.445GHz Kaikoura Reservoir
Kaikoura District CouncilAlternate Water SupplyUHF459.96MHz Kaikoura Reservoir
Kaikoura District CouncilFords ReservoirUHF459.96MHz Kaikoura Reservoir
Kaikoura District CouncilKaikoura ReservoirUHF454.93MHzMultiple: Postmans Road, Alternate Water Supply, Fords Reservoir, Mackles Intake
Kaikoura District CouncilMackles IntakeUHF459.96MHz Kaikoura Reservoir
Kaikoura District CouncilPostmans RoadUHF459.96MHz Kaikoura Reservoir
Kiwirail83 BeltanaUHF811.75MHz Kaikoura Reservoir
KiwirailKaikoura ReservoirUHF425.28MHzMultiple: Kaikoura Tunnel 5, Kaikoura Tunnel 19
KiwirailKaikoura ReservoirUHF425.58MHzMultiple: Kaikoura Tunnel 10, Kaikoura Tunnel 18
KiwirailKaikoura ReservoirUHF425.75MHzMultiple: Kaikoura Tunnel 8, Kaikoura Tunnel 17
KiwirailKaikoura ReservoirUHF426.38MHz Kaikoura Tunnel 12
KiwirailKaikoura ReservoirUHF426.65MHzMultiple: Kaikoura Tunnel 20, Kaikoura Tunnel 3
KiwirailKaikoura ReservoirUHF427.4MHz Kaikoura Tunnel 13
KiwirailKaikoura ReservoirUHF851.75MHz Weldcone
KiwirailKaikoura ReservoirUHF856.75MHz 83 Beltana
KiwirailKaikoura Tunnel 10UHF420.56MHz Kaikoura Reservoir
KiwirailKaikoura Tunnel 12UHF421.36MHz Kaikoura Reservoir
KiwirailKaikoura Tunnel 13UHF422.39MHz Kaikoura Reservoir
KiwirailKaikoura Tunnel 17UHF420.74MHz Kaikoura Reservoir
KiwirailKaikoura Tunnel 18UHF420.56MHz Kaikoura Reservoir
KiwirailKaikoura Tunnel 19UHF420.26MHz Kaikoura Reservoir
KiwirailKaikoura Tunnel 20UHF421.64MHz Kaikoura Reservoir
KiwirailKaikoura Tunnel 3UHF421.64MHz Kaikoura Reservoir
KiwirailKaikoura Tunnel 5UHF420.26MHz Kaikoura Reservoir
KiwirailKaikoura Tunnel 8UHF420.74MHz Kaikoura Reservoir
KiwirailWeldconeUHF806.75MHz Kaikoura Reservoir
Vital LimitedBeltanaUHF422.66MHz Kaikoura Reservoir
Vital LimitedBeltanaUHF422.81MHz Kaikoura Reservoir
Vital LimitedBeltanaUHF424.36MHz Kaikoura Reservoir
Vital LimitedKaikoura ReservoirUHF427.68MHz Beltana
Vital LimitedKaikoura ReservoirUHF427.83MHz Beltana
Vital LimitedKaikoura ReservoirUHF429.38MHz Beltana