Point to Point Link: Orion New Zealand Ltd - Hamilton Peak

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Licence Overview

The link registered to Orion New Zealand Ltd is a UHF band link at 425.1MHz. It transmits from Hamilton Peak, and is received at Marleys Hill, a distance of 94.64km.

TX Location Client Stats

Department Of Conservation3
Kordia Limited3
Orion New Zealand Ltd4
Vital Limited1

Licence and Location Details

Frequency Range425.088MHz - 425.113MHz
Channel Width25kHz
Channel CodeI504#
Power dBW(eirp)23
Licence TypeFixed <1 GHz; BW <=50 kHz (Uni-directional)


Licence Last Updated


Link Distance94.64km
RSM Licence ID146369
RSM Licence #229762
TX: Hamilton Peak
AntennaHI-TEC - CRU8
EquipmentSpectra - MX 921
RX: Marleys Hill
AntennaRFI - RDA6
Antenna Type6 ELEMENT YAGI
EquipmentTait - T800

Additional Links From TX Location

Client TX Location Band Frequency RX Location
Department Of ConservationHamilton PeakUHF426.88MHz Mt Oxford
Department Of ConservationHamilton PeakUHF426.9MHz Mt Emerson
Department Of ConservationMt EmersonUHF421.89MHz Hamilton Peak
Department Of ConservationMt OxfordUHF421.86MHz Hamilton Peak
Kordia LimitedBenmore PsnC7.188GHz Hamilton Peak
Kordia LimitedCorner KnobKu12.786GHz Hamilton Peak
Kordia LimitedHamilton PeakC7.349GHz Benmore Psn
Kordia LimitedHamilton PeakKu13.052GHz Corner Knob
Orion New Zealand LtdCass Hd13/3UHF441.49MHz Hamilton Peak
Orion New Zealand LtdCastle Hill GxpUHF441.66MHz Hamilton Peak
Orion New Zealand LtdHamilton PeakUHF446.27MHz Sugarloaf
Orion New Zealand LtdHamilton PeakUHF446.49MHz Cass Hd13/3
Orion New Zealand LtdHamilton PeakUHF446.67MHz Castle Hill Gxp
Orion New Zealand LtdSugarloafUHF441.26MHzMultiple: Waterloo Orion, Goulds Rd L7/81, Marleys Hill (Orion), Highfield, Halkett Rd R11/280, Tramway Rd Hk8/149, Springston, Diamond Harbour, Quaids Rd C136/10, Springs Rd L8/294, Armagh, Mainpower Office, Robinsons Rd R16/31, Lower Styx Rd C146/3, Mcarthurs Rd, Bankside, Hamilton Peak, Weedons Ross Rd R11/9, Rolleston, Newtons Rd R15/359, Weedons Ross Rd R11/376, Ellesmere Junction Rd, Teddington Purau Rd Ha8/53, Newtons Rd R14/79, Pound Rd C9/76, Kimberley Milk Treatment Plant Sub, Lower Styx Rd C155/7, Waterholes Rd L4/56, Greendale, 540 Wairakei Road, Bealey Rd, Darfield, Leeston Rd L8/6, Wairakei 565
Vital LimitedMarleys HillUHF420.09MHz Hamilton Peak

Additional Links From RX Location

Client TX Location Band Frequency RX Location
Chorus New Zealand LimitedCashmereC7.463GHz Marleys Hill
Chorus New Zealand LimitedCashmereC7.519GHz Marleys Hill
Chorus New Zealand LimitedMarleys HillC7.624GHz Cashmere
Chorus New Zealand LimitedMarleys HillC7.68GHz Cashmere
Orion New Zealand LtdMarleys HillUHF459.11MHz Rocky Peak
Orion New Zealand LtdRocky PeakUHF454.08MHz Marleys Hill
Orion New Zealand LtdRoundtopUHF425.68MHz Marleys Hill
Vital Limited29 High Street RangioraUHF425.85MHz Marleys Hill
Vital LimitedBleak HouseUHF426MHz Marleys Hill
Vital LimitedC1 Tower ChristchurchUHF426.15MHz Marleys Hill
Vital LimitedDunsandelC7.777GHz Marleys Hill
Vital LimitedIslingtonUHF425.93MHz Marleys Hill
Vital LimitedMarleys HillUHF420.09MHz Hamilton Peak
Vital LimitedMarleys HillUHF420.84MHz 29 High Street Rangiora
Vital LimitedMarleys HillUHF420.91MHz Islington
Vital LimitedMarleys HillUHF420.99MHz Bleak House
Vital LimitedMarleys HillUHF421.14MHz C1 Tower Christchurch
Vital LimitedMarleys HillX8.089GHz Dunsandel
Vital LimitedMarleys HillX11.565GHz Mt Pleasant
Vital LimitedMt PleasantX11.035GHz Marleys Hill