Point to Point Link: Vital Limited - Mt Obi

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Licence Overview

The link registered to Vital Limited is a UHF band link at 420.06MHz. It transmits from Mt Obi, and is received at Razorback, a distance of 28.19km.

TX Location Client Stats

Kordia Limited2

Licence and Location Details

Frequency Range420.05MHz - 420.075MHz
Channel Width25kHz
Channel CodeI503
Power dBW(eirp)8
Licence TypeFixed <1 GHz; BW <=50 kHz (Bi-directional)


Licence Last Updated


Link Distance28.19km
RSM Licence ID179753
RSM Licence #249603
TX: Mt Obi
AntennaHI-TEC - CRU8
Equipment -
RX: Razorback
AntennaRFI - RDA6
Antenna Type6 ELEMENT YAGI
EquipmentTait - TB7100

Associated Licence

#1: Razorback
Frequency Range425.063MHz - 425.088MHz
Channel Width25kHz
Channel CodeI503#
Power dBW(eirp)8
Licence TypeFixed <1 GHz; BW <=50 kHz (Bi-directional)


Licence Last Updated


RSM Licence ID179750
RSM Licence #249602

Additional Links From TX Location

Client TX Location Band Frequency RX Location
Kordia LimitedMt ObiC7.188GHz Razorback
Kordia LimitedRazorbackC7.349GHz Mt Obi

Additional Links From RX Location

Client TX Location Band Frequency RX Location
Chorus New Zealand LimitedCape WanbrowC7.624GHz Razorback
Chorus New Zealand LimitedRazorbackC7.463GHz Cape Wanbrow
Kordia LimitedBig HillC4.73GHz Razorback
Kordia LimitedBig HillC4.77GHz Razorback
Kordia LimitedBig HillC4.81GHz Razorback
Kordia LimitedBig HillC4.85GHz Razorback
Kordia LimitedBig HillC4.89GHz Razorback
Kordia LimitedBig HillC4.93GHz Razorback
Kordia LimitedBig HillC4.97GHz Razorback
Kordia LimitedMt CargillC4.73GHz Razorback
Kordia LimitedMt CargillC4.77GHz Razorback
Kordia LimitedMt CargillC4.81GHz Razorback
Kordia LimitedMt CargillC4.85GHz Razorback
Kordia LimitedMt CargillC4.89GHz Razorback
Kordia LimitedMt CargillC4.93GHz Razorback
Kordia LimitedMt CargillC4.97GHz Razorback
Kordia LimitedRazorbackC4.43GHz Big Hill
Kordia LimitedRazorbackC4.43GHz Mt Cargill
Kordia LimitedRazorbackC4.47GHz Big Hill
Kordia LimitedRazorbackC4.47GHz Mt Cargill
Kordia LimitedRazorbackC4.51GHz Big Hill
Kordia LimitedRazorbackC4.51GHz Mt Cargill
Kordia LimitedRazorbackC4.55GHz Big Hill
Kordia LimitedRazorbackC4.55GHz Mt Cargill
Kordia LimitedRazorbackC4.59GHz Big Hill
Kordia LimitedRazorbackC4.59GHz Mt Cargill
Kordia LimitedRazorbackC4.63GHz Big Hill
Kordia LimitedRazorbackC4.63GHz Mt Cargill
Kordia LimitedRazorbackC4.67GHz Big Hill
Kordia LimitedRazorbackC4.67GHz Mt Cargill
Vital LimitedCape WanbrowUHF421.46MHz Razorback
Vital LimitedCape WanbrowC7.68GHz Razorback
Vital LimitedRazorbackUHF426.48MHz Cape Wanbrow
Vital LimitedRazorbackC7.491GHz Swampy Summit
Vital LimitedRazorbackC7.519GHz Cape Wanbrow
Vital LimitedSwampy SummitC7.652GHz Razorback