Cell Tower Detail: Spark - Helicopter Lines Mt Cook

Spark - Helicopter Lines Mt Cook aerial image

Location Overview

The Spark Helicopter Lines Mt Cook location is 12m high, has 1 licence associated, and is capable* of 3G UMTS.

Closest Towers

ProviderLocation NameDistanceBearing
SparkTasman Airport16.2km1.35
OneNZMt Cook Vodafone20.08km352.2
2DegreesS_Mt Cook20.15km352.31
RCGRCTMDS - Mt Dobson Ski Field43.2km94.71

Licence Details

Band 850MHz
870.015MHz - 885MHz
Start Date

Fri 18th Aug 2017

6 years ago

End Date

Fri 28th Nov 2031

7 years from now

RSM Licence ID111293
RSM Licence #207321

Close Cell IDs Spark MMC: 530 MNC: 5

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