Point to Point Link: Nzme Radio Limited - Hikurangi

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Licence Overview

The link registered to Nzme Radio Limited is a UHF band link at 934.63MHz. It transmits from Hikurangi. No receive locations were found.

TX Location Client Stats

Chorus New Zealand Limited3
Kordia Limited13
Mediaworks Radio Limited1
Ngatihine Health Trust1
Nzme Radio Limited1
One New Zealand Group Limited4

Licence and Location Details

Frequency Range934.5MHz - 934.75MHz
Channel Width250kHz
Channel CodeK6B3#
Power dBW(eirp)21
Licence TypeFixed < 1GHz; BW >50kHz (Uni-directional)

Wed 22nd Mar 2000

24 years ago

Licence Last Updated

Tue 6th Dec 2022

1 year ago

Link Distance20.1km
RSM Licence ID52279
RSM Licence #160528
TX: Hikurangi
AntennaSCALA - PR-900
EquipmentSiel - EXC 14/9

Additional Links From TX Location

Client TX Location Band Frequency RX Location
Chorus New Zealand LimitedCooks RoadUHF425.55MHz Hikurangi
Chorus New Zealand LimitedHikurangiUHF420.34MHz Hokonui Road
Chorus New Zealand LimitedHikurangiUHF420.54MHz Cooks Road
Chorus New Zealand LimitedHokonui RoadUHF425.35MHz Hikurangi
Kordia Limited2 MaungataniwhaC4.55GHz 5 Hikurangi
Kordia Limited5 HikurangiC4.85GHz 9 Horokaka
Kordia Limited5 HikurangiC4.85GHz 2 Maungataniwha
Kordia Limited5 HikurangiX8.148GHz Transpower Maungatapere
Kordia Limited5 HikurangiX11.285GHz Transpower Kaikohe Lattice Tower
Kordia Limited9 HorokakaC4.55GHz 5 Hikurangi
Kordia LimitedHikurangiX11.365GHz Northland Prison Trial (Vfnz)
Kordia LimitedHikurangi BclC7.202GHz Via 708 Mcintyre Road Kawakawa (Vf N1Kaw Kawakawa)
Kordia LimitedHikurangi BclC7.23GHz Kerikeri (Vfnz)
Kordia LimitedHikurangi BclC7.244GHz Huruiki
Kordia LimitedHikurangi BclC7.708GHz Russell
Kordia LimitedHikurangi BclKu13.024GHz Kaikohe Station
Kordia LimitedHuruikiC7.404GHz Hikurangi Bcl
Kordia LimitedKaikohe StationKu12.758GHz Hikurangi Bcl
Kordia LimitedKerikeri (Vfnz)C7.39GHz Hikurangi Bcl
Kordia LimitedNorthland Prison Trial (Vfnz)X10.835GHz Hikurangi
Kordia LimitedRussellC7.547GHz Hikurangi Bcl
Kordia LimitedTranspower Kaikohe Lattice TowerX10.755GHz 5 Hikurangi
Kordia LimitedTranspower MaungatapereC7.837GHz 5 Hikurangi
Kordia LimitedVia 708 Mcintyre Road Kawakawa (Vf N1Kaw Kawakawa)C7.363GHz Hikurangi Bcl
Mediaworks Radio LimitedHikurangiUHF931.25MHz Cottle Hill Drive
Ngatihine Health TrustParakioreUHF848.75MHz Hikurangi
Nzme Radio LimitedHikurangiUHF932.25MHz Russell2
Nzme Radio LimitedHikurangiUHF932.75MHz Russell2
Nzme Radio LimitedHikurangiUHF933.25MHz Russell2
One New Zealand Group LimitedAdams Road Awarua (Rcg Awarua Road Rnlawr)X11.075GHz Hikurangi
One New Zealand Group LimitedBehind 56 Callaghan Road Maromaku (Vf N1Tow Towai)X10.915GHz Hikurangi
One New Zealand Group LimitedHikurangiX11.445GHz Behind 56 Callaghan Road Maromaku (Vf N1Tow Towai)
One New Zealand Group LimitedHikurangiX11.525GHz Rcg Tautoro South Sh
One New Zealand Group LimitedHikurangiX11.605GHz Adams Road Awarua (Rcg Awarua Road Rnlawr)
One New Zealand Group LimitedRcg Tautoro South ShX10.995GHz Hikurangi