Point to Point Link: The Lines Co Ltd - Ranginui

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Licence Overview

The link registered to The Lines Co Ltd is a UHF band link at 424.96MHz. It transmits from Ranginui, and is received at Taumatamaire (Tlc), a distance of 72.3km.

TX Location Client Stats

Chorus New Zealand Limited3
The Lines Co Ltd5
Vital Limited12

Licence and Location Details

Frequency Range424.938MHz - 424.988MHz
Channel Width50kHz
Channel CodeI699
Power dBW(eirp)21
Licence TypeFixed <1 GHz; BW <=50 kHz (Bi-directional)


Licence Last Updated


Link Distance72.3km
RSM Licence ID232960
RSM Licence #291876
TX: Ranginui
Antenna TypeYAGI
Equipment4Rf - APRISA SR+ 400 50K
RX: Taumatamaire (Tlc)
AntennaRFI - YB6A
Antenna Type6 ELEMENT YAGI
Equipment4Rf - APRISA SR+ 400 50K

Associated Licence

#1: Taumatamaire (Tlc)
Frequency Range429.95MHz - 430MHz
Channel Width50kHz
Channel CodeI699#
Power dBW(eirp)19
Licence TypeFixed <1 GHz; BW <=50 kHz (Bi-directional)


Licence Last Updated


RSM Licence ID232969
RSM Licence #291877

Additional Links From TX Location

Client TX Location Band Frequency RX Location
Chorus New Zealand LimitedOtewa UaxVHF170.48MHz Ranginui
Chorus New Zealand LimitedPukekuraC7.435GHz Ranginui
Chorus New Zealand LimitedPukekuraC7.439GHz Ranginui
Chorus New Zealand LimitedRanginuiVHF164.95MHz Otewa Uax
Chorus New Zealand LimitedRanginuiC7.596GHz Pukekura
Chorus New Zealand LimitedRanginuiC7.6GHz Pukekura
The Lines Co LtdMahoe Road (Tlc)UHF855.75MHz Ranginui
The Lines Co LtdMaungamangeroUHF427.15MHz Ranginui
The Lines Co LtdMaungamangeroUHF428.58MHz Ranginui
The Lines Co LtdMt TuhuaUHF806.25MHz Ranginui
The Lines Co LtdRanginuiUHF422.14MHz Maungamangero
The Lines Co LtdRanginuiUHF423.56MHz Maungamangero
The Lines Co LtdRanginuiUHF424.51MHz Whakaahu (Tlc)
The Lines Co LtdRanginuiUHF810.75MHz Mahoe Road (Tlc)
The Lines Co LtdRanginuiUHF851.25MHz Mt Tuhua
The Lines Co LtdWhakaahu (Tlc)UHF429.53MHz Ranginui
Vital Limited477 Te Mawhai Rd, TokanuiX10.532GHz Ranginui
Vital LimitedMahoe Rd (Telecom)UHF426.43MHz Ranginui
Vital LimitedMaroanuiUHF427.73MHz Ranginui
Vital LimitedMcdonald's Lime OtorohangaC7.495GHz Ranginui
Vital LimitedMt Hikurangi (King Country)UHF429.93MHz Ranginui
Vital LimitedPukepotoX8.059GHz Ranginui
Vital LimitedRanginuiUHF421.41MHz Mahoe Rd (Telecom)
Vital LimitedRanginuiUHF422.71MHz Maroanui
Vital LimitedRanginuiUHF424.91MHz Mt Hikurangi (King Country)
Vital LimitedRanginuiUHF458.79MHz Te Uku
Vital LimitedRanginuiC5.975GHz Sanatorium Hill
Vital LimitedRanginuiC6.005GHz Taumatamaire
Vital LimitedRanginuiC7.655GHz Mcdonald's Lime Otorohanga
Vital LimitedRanginuiC7.748GHz Pukepoto
Vital LimitedRanginuiC7.837GHz Whakamaru
Vital LimitedRanginuiX10.602GHz Waikeria Prison
Vital LimitedRanginuiX10.623GHz 477 Te Mawhai Rd, Tokanui
Vital LimitedSanatorium HillC6.227GHz Ranginui
Vital LimitedTaumatamaireUHF425.7MHz Ranginui
Vital LimitedTaumatamaireC6.257GHz Ranginui
Vital LimitedTe UkuUHF453.76MHz Ranginui
Vital LimitedWaikeria PrisonX10.511GHz Ranginui
Vital LimitedWhakamaruX8.148GHz Ranginui