Point to Point Link: Chorus New Zealand Limited - Whakapunake

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Licence Overview

The link registered to Chorus New Zealand Limited is a Ku band link at 13.021GHz. It transmits from Whakapunake, and is received at Ruakituri, a distance of 21.34km.

TX Location Client Stats

Airways Corporation Of New Zealand Limited2
Chorus New Zealand Limited21
Kordia Limited3
Maritime New Zealand2
Vital Limited4

Licence and Location Details

Frequency Range13.017GHz - 13.024GHz
Channel Width7MHz
Channel Code13G1A#
Power dBW(eirp)34.8
Licence TypeFixed >=1 GHz (Bi-directional)


Licence Last Updated


Link Distance21.34km
RSM Licence ID70967
RSM Licence #170691
TX: Whakapunake
AntennaERICSSON - 1200MM
EquipmentEricsson - MINI-LINK 13-E
RX: Ruakituri
AntennaERICSSON - 600MM
EquipmentEricsson - MINI-LINK 13-E

Associated Licence

#1: Ruakituri
Frequency Range12.751GHz - 12.758GHz
Channel Width7MHz
Channel Code13G1A
Power dBW(eirp)29
Licence TypeFixed >=1 GHz (Bi-directional)


Licence Last Updated


RSM Licence ID70966
RSM Licence #170690

Additional Links From TX Location

Client TX Location Band Frequency RX Location
Airways Corporation Of New Zealand LimitedNapier Airport (Dme Site)L1.429GHz Whakapunake
Airways Corporation Of New Zealand LimitedWhakapunakeL1.523GHz Napier Airport (Dme Site)
Chorus New Zealand LimitedAnewaL1.457GHz Whakapunake
Chorus New Zealand LimitedBushy KnollUHF425.4MHz Whakapunake
Chorus New Zealand LimitedBushy KnollUHF425.95MHz Whakapunake
Chorus New Zealand LimitedGisborne CaxVHF163MHz Whakapunake
Chorus New Zealand LimitedHikawaiL1.457GHz Whakapunake
Chorus New Zealand LimitedKaiti HillL1.453GHzMultiple: Wharerata, Whakapunake
Chorus New Zealand LimitedMahurangiL1.457GHz Whakapunake
Chorus New Zealand LimitedNapier Airport (Comms Site)VHF163.48MHz Whakapunake
Chorus New Zealand LimitedNga TuhoeL1.435GHz Whakapunake
Chorus New Zealand LimitedOhuka RoadL1.449GHz Whakapunake
Chorus New Zealand LimitedPaparatuL1.441GHz Whakapunake
Chorus New Zealand LimitedPehiriL1.441GHz Whakapunake
Chorus New Zealand LimitedPukeorapaKu12.793GHz Whakapunake
Chorus New Zealand LimitedPukerataL1.441GHz Whakapunake
Chorus New Zealand LimitedRuakakaL1.441GHz Whakapunake
Chorus New Zealand LimitedRuakituriL1.435GHz Whakapunake
Chorus New Zealand LimitedShannonL1.435GHz Whakapunake
Chorus New Zealand LimitedTangiwaiL1.457GHz Whakapunake
Chorus New Zealand LimitedTe ReingaL1.449GHz Whakapunake
Chorus New Zealand LimitedTe ReingaKu12.769GHz Whakapunake
Chorus New Zealand LimitedTukimokihiL1.457GHz Whakapunake
Chorus New Zealand LimitedTukimokihiKu12.762GHz Whakapunake
Chorus New Zealand LimitedWairoaL1.445GHz Whakapunake
Chorus New Zealand LimitedWairoaL1.459GHz Whakapunake
Chorus New Zealand LimitedWairoaL1.461GHz Whakapunake
Chorus New Zealand LimitedWhakapunakeVHF168.95MHz Gisborne Cax
Chorus New Zealand LimitedWhakapunakeVHF172.3MHz Napier Airport (Comms Site)
Chorus New Zealand LimitedWhakapunakeUHF420.39MHz Bushy Knoll
Chorus New Zealand LimitedWhakapunakeUHF420.94MHz Bushy Knoll
Chorus New Zealand LimitedWhakapunakeL1.495GHzMultiple: Nga Tuhoe, Shannon, Ruakituri
Chorus New Zealand LimitedWhakapunakeL1.501GHzMultiple: Pehiri, Pukerata, Ruakaka, Paparatu
Chorus New Zealand LimitedWhakapunakeL1.505GHz Wairoa
Chorus New Zealand LimitedWhakapunakeL1.509GHzMultiple: Te Reinga, Ohuka Road
Chorus New Zealand LimitedWhakapunakeL1.513GHz Kaiti Hill
Chorus New Zealand LimitedWhakapunakeL1.517GHzMultiple: Anewa, Tangiwai, Mahurangi, Tukimokihi, Hikawai
Chorus New Zealand LimitedWhakapunakeL1.519GHz Wairoa
Chorus New Zealand LimitedWhakapunakeL1.521GHz Wairoa
Chorus New Zealand LimitedWhakapunakeKu13.028GHz Tukimokihi
Chorus New Zealand LimitedWhakapunakeKu13.035GHz Te Reinga
Chorus New Zealand LimitedWhakapunakeKu13.059GHz Pukeorapa
Kordia LimitedGisborneC4.73GHz Whakapunake
Kordia LimitedGisborneC4.77GHz Whakapunake
Kordia LimitedGisborneC4.81GHz Whakapunake
Kordia LimitedGisborneC4.85GHz Whakapunake
Kordia LimitedGisborneC4.89GHz Whakapunake
Kordia LimitedTataraakinaC4.73GHz Whakapunake
Kordia LimitedTataraakinaC4.77GHz Whakapunake
Kordia LimitedTataraakinaC4.81GHz Whakapunake
Kordia LimitedTataraakinaC4.85GHz Whakapunake
Kordia LimitedTataraakinaC4.89GHz Whakapunake
Kordia LimitedTataraakinaC4.93GHz Whakapunake
Kordia LimitedWhakapunakeC4.43GHz Gisborne
Kordia LimitedWhakapunakeC4.43GHz Tataraakina
Kordia LimitedWhakapunakeC4.47GHz Gisborne
Kordia LimitedWhakapunakeC4.47GHz Tataraakina
Kordia LimitedWhakapunakeC4.51GHz Gisborne
Kordia LimitedWhakapunakeC4.51GHz Tataraakina
Kordia LimitedWhakapunakeC4.55GHz Tataraakina
Kordia LimitedWhakapunakeC4.55GHz Gisborne
Kordia LimitedWhakapunakeC4.59GHz Gisborne
Kordia LimitedWhakapunakeC4.59GHz Tataraakina
Kordia LimitedWhakapunakeC4.63GHz Tataraakina
Maritime New ZealandPukeakuraUHF427.83MHz Whakapunake
Maritime New ZealandWhakapunakeUHF422.81MHz Pukeakura
Vital LimitedTaraponuiUHF428.18MHz Whakapunake
Vital LimitedTitirangiUHF429.28MHz Whakapunake
Vital LimitedTitirangiUHF429.83MHz Whakapunake
Vital LimitedWhakapunakeUHF423.16MHz Taraponui
Vital LimitedWhakapunakeUHF424.26MHz Titirangi
Vital LimitedWhakapunakeUHF424.81MHz Titirangi
Vital LimitedWhakapunakeUHF808.25MHz Wharekopae(Teamtalk)
Vital LimitedWharekopae(Teamtalk)UHF853.25MHz Whakapunake