Point to Point Link: Chorus New Zealand Limited - Bute

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Licence Overview

The link registered to Chorus New Zealand Limited is a C band link at 7.6GHz. It transmits from Bute, and is received at Whakataki Hill, a distance of 21.01km.

TX Location Client Stats

Airtel Limited2
Chorus New Zealand Limited12
Connectivity Infrastructure Services Limited4
Powerco Limited3
Teletronics Limited2
Ultimate Mobile Limited2
Vital Limited3

Licence and Location Details

Frequency Range7.586GHz - 7.614GHz
Channel Width28MHz
Channel Code7GU1#
Power dBW(eirp)27
Licence TypeFixed >=1 GHz (Bi-directional)


Licence Last Updated


Link Distance21.01km
RSM Licence ID171025
RSM Licence #243888
TX: Bute
AntennaANDREW - VHPX6-71W
EquipmentEricsson - MINI-LINK 7-TN
RX: Whakataki Hill
AntennaANDREW - PXL6-70
EquipmentEricsson - MINI-LINK 7-TN

Associated Licence

#1: Whakataki Hill
Frequency Range7.425GHz - 7.453GHz
Channel Width28MHz
Channel Code7GU1
Power dBW(eirp)27
Licence TypeFixed >=1 GHz (Bi-directional)


Licence Last Updated


RSM Licence ID170844
RSM Licence #243887

Additional Links From TX Location

Client TX Location Band Frequency RX Location
Airtel LimitedButeUHF426.78MHz Mt Eringa
Airtel LimitedMt EringaUHF421.76MHz Bute
Chorus New Zealand LimitedAnnedaleL1.443GHz Bute
Chorus New Zealand LimitedAwaroaL1.443GHz Bute
Chorus New Zealand LimitedButeVHF162.31MHz Tanglewood
Chorus New Zealand LimitedButeL1.495GHz Rangitumau
Chorus New Zealand LimitedButeL1.503GHzMultiple: Annedale, Packspur, Whakataki Hill, Mangapakeha, Awaroa
Chorus New Zealand LimitedButeC6.84GHz Rangitumau
Chorus New Zealand LimitedButeC6.92GHz Rangitumau
Chorus New Zealand LimitedButeC6.96GHz Rangitumau
Chorus New Zealand LimitedButeC7GHz Rangitumau
Chorus New Zealand LimitedButeC7GHz Rangitumau
Chorus New Zealand LimitedButeC7.669GHz Castlepoint
Chorus New Zealand LimitedButeC7.712GHz Riversdale
Chorus New Zealand LimitedButeC7.896GHz Riversdale
Chorus New Zealand LimitedButeKu13.059GHz Tinui
Chorus New Zealand LimitedButeKu13.115GHz Whareama Rbi
Chorus New Zealand LimitedButeKu13.213GHz Tinui
Chorus New Zealand LimitedCastlepointC7.509GHz Bute
Chorus New Zealand LimitedMangapakehaL1.443GHz Bute
Chorus New Zealand LimitedPackspurL1.443GHz Bute
Chorus New Zealand LimitedRangitumauL1.435GHzMultiple: Bute, Popes Hill
Chorus New Zealand LimitedRangitumauC6.5GHz Bute
Chorus New Zealand LimitedRangitumauC6.58GHz Bute
Chorus New Zealand LimitedRangitumauC6.62GHz Bute
Chorus New Zealand LimitedRangitumauC6.66GHz Bute
Chorus New Zealand LimitedRangitumauC6.66GHz Bute
Chorus New Zealand LimitedRiversdaleC7.551GHz Bute
Chorus New Zealand LimitedRiversdaleX8.207GHz Bute
Chorus New Zealand LimitedTanglewoodVHF166.91MHz Bute
Chorus New Zealand LimitedTinuiKu12.793GHz Bute
Chorus New Zealand LimitedTinuiKu12.947GHz Bute
Chorus New Zealand LimitedWhakataki HillL1.443GHz Bute
Chorus New Zealand LimitedWhareama RbiKu12.849GHz Bute
Connectivity Infrastructure Services LimitedBlairlogie (Rwlblg) (Cis)X11.445GHz Bute
Connectivity Infrastructure Services LimitedButeC7.763GHz Packspur (Psc) (Cis)
Connectivity Infrastructure Services LimitedButeC7.763GHz Rangitumau
Connectivity Infrastructure Services LimitedButeC7.94GHz Rangitumau
Connectivity Infrastructure Services LimitedButeX10.915GHz Blairlogie (Rwlblg) (Cis)
Connectivity Infrastructure Services LimitedPackspur (Psc) (Cis)X8.074GHz Bute
Connectivity Infrastructure Services LimitedRangitumauX8.074GHz Bute
Connectivity Infrastructure Services LimitedRangitumauX8.252GHz Bute
Powerco LimitedButeX10.574GHz Rewa (Powerco)
Powerco LimitedButeX10.855GHz Mt Butters (Powerco)
Powerco LimitedMt Butters (Powerco)X11.385GHz Bute
Powerco LimitedRewa (Powerco)X10.665GHz Bute
Teletronics LimitedButeX11.015GHz Mt Eringa
Teletronics LimitedMt EringaX11.545GHz Bute
Ultimate Mobile LimitedButeX11.075GHz Riversdale (Rvb) (Cis)
Ultimate Mobile LimitedRiversdale (Rvb) (Cis)X11.605GHz Bute
Vital LimitedButeUHF428.73MHz Otahoua
Vital LimitedButeUHF428.78MHz Otahoua
Vital LimitedButeX10.511GHz Rangitumau
Vital LimitedOtahouaUHF423.71MHz Bute
Vital LimitedOtahouaUHF423.76MHz Bute
Vital LimitedRangitumauX10.602GHz Bute

Additional Links From RX Location

Client TX Location Band Frequency RX Location
Chorus New Zealand LimitedCastlepointKu13.059GHz Whakataki Hill
Chorus New Zealand LimitedCastlepointKu13.157GHz Whakataki Hill
Chorus New Zealand LimitedWhakataki HillKu12.793GHz Castlepoint
Chorus New Zealand LimitedWhakataki HillKu12.891GHz Castlepoint