Point to Point Link: Chorus New Zealand Limited - Dreyers Rock

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Licence Overview

The link registered to Chorus New Zealand Limited is a L band link at 1.499GHz. It transmits from Dreyers Rock, and is received at Rangitumau, a distance of 8.27km.

Licence and Location Details

Frequency Range1.498GHz - 1.5GHz
Channel Width2MHz
Channel CodeL5#
Power dBW(eirp)16
Licence TypeFixed Bi-directional Point-to-Multipoint


Licence Last Updated

Fri 24th Mar 2023

1 year ago

Link Distance8.27km
RSM Licence ID153022
RSM Licence #233526
TX: Dreyers Rock
AntennaJAYBEAM - 7227
EquipmentIrt - 2000
RX: Rangitumau
AntennaTIL-TEK - TA-1404
EquipmentIrt - 2000

Associated Licence

#1: Rangitumau
Frequency Range1.438GHz - 1.44GHz
Channel Width2MHz
Channel CodeL5
Power dBW(eirp)18
Licence TypeFixed Bi-directional Point-to-Multipoint

Mon 20th Feb 2012

12 years ago

Licence Last Updated

Fri 24th Mar 2023

1 year ago

RSM Licence ID153020
RSM Licence #233525

Additional Links From RX Location

Client TX Location Band Frequency RX Location
Chorus New Zealand LimitedButeC6.84GHz Rangitumau
Chorus New Zealand LimitedButeC6.92GHz Rangitumau
Chorus New Zealand LimitedButeC6.96GHz Rangitumau
Chorus New Zealand LimitedButeC7GHz Rangitumau
Chorus New Zealand LimitedButeC7GHz Rangitumau
Chorus New Zealand LimitedDaggs RoadL1.499GHz Rangitumau
Chorus New Zealand LimitedEarlyhurstUHF425.33MHz Rangitumau
Chorus New Zealand LimitedGladstoneC7.68GHz Rangitumau
Chorus New Zealand LimitedMangamahoeL1.499GHz Rangitumau
Chorus New Zealand LimitedMt ClydeUHF425.43MHz Rangitumau
Chorus New Zealand LimitedNorth RoadL1.499GHz Rangitumau
Chorus New Zealand LimitedPariwharikiL1.499GHz Rangitumau
Chorus New Zealand LimitedRangitumauVHF163.1MHz Rocky Hill Road
Chorus New Zealand LimitedRangitumauUHF420.31MHz Earlyhurst
Chorus New Zealand LimitedRangitumauUHF420.41MHz Mt Clyde
Chorus New Zealand LimitedRangitumauC6.5GHz Bute
Chorus New Zealand LimitedRangitumauC6.58GHz Bute
Chorus New Zealand LimitedRangitumauC6.62GHz Bute
Chorus New Zealand LimitedRangitumauC6.66GHz Bute
Chorus New Zealand LimitedRangitumauC6.66GHz Bute
Chorus New Zealand LimitedRangitumauC7.435GHz Rewa
Chorus New Zealand LimitedRangitumauC7.463GHz Shepherd
Chorus New Zealand LimitedRangitumauC7.519GHz Gladstone
Chorus New Zealand LimitedRangitumauC7.547GHz Rewa
Chorus New Zealand LimitedRewaC7.596GHz Rangitumau
Chorus New Zealand LimitedRewaC7.708GHz Rangitumau
Chorus New Zealand LimitedRocky Hill RoadVHF171.63MHz Rangitumau
Chorus New Zealand LimitedShepherdC7.624GHz Rangitumau
Connectivity Infrastructure Services LimitedButeC7.763GHz Rangitumau
Connectivity Infrastructure Services LimitedButeC7.94GHz Rangitumau
Connectivity Infrastructure Services LimitedRangitumauX8.074GHz Bute
Connectivity Infrastructure Services LimitedRangitumauX8.252GHz Bute
Kordia LimitedCarterton ExchangeC7.188GHz Rangitumau
Kordia LimitedOtahouaKu15.159GHz Rangitumau
Kordia LimitedRangitumauC7.349GHz Carterton Exchange
Kordia LimitedRangitumauKu14.515GHz Otahoua
Powerco LimitedAkura Substation (Powerco)X11.625GHz Rangitumau
Powerco LimitedChapel Sub (Power Co)X11.665GHz Rangitumau
Powerco LimitedMasterton Gxp (Powerco)X11.585GHz Rangitumau
Powerco LimitedNorfolk Sub (Powerco)X11.265GHz Rangitumau
Powerco LimitedRangitumauX10.735GHz Norfolk Sub (Powerco)
Powerco LimitedRangitumauX10.775GHz Te Ore Ore Substation (Powerco)
Powerco LimitedRangitumauX11.055GHz Masterton Gxp (Powerco)
Powerco LimitedRangitumauX11.095GHz Akura Substation (Powerco)
Powerco LimitedRangitumauX11.135GHz Chapel Sub (Power Co)
Powerco LimitedTe Ore Ore Substation (Powerco)X11.305GHz Rangitumau
Vital LimitedButeX10.511GHz Rangitumau
Vital LimitedMt Climie(Telecom)C5.945GHz Rangitumau
Vital LimitedNorth Range RoadC5.975GHz Rangitumau
Vital LimitedRangitumauC6.197GHz Mt Climie(Telecom)
Vital LimitedRangitumauC6.227GHz North Range Road
Vital LimitedRangitumauX8.207GHz Rewa
Vital LimitedRangitumauX10.602GHz Bute
Vital LimitedRewaC7.896GHz Rangitumau